Broom Valley Community School

“We Dare To Dream Big”


Statement of Curriculum Intent

At the centre of our vision, for every pupil, is our curriculum. We have created it to ‘ignite a joy for learning’ and to enable children to ‘develop the personal and learning skills to help them become successful and independent learners for life’. We have rooted its foundations in our belief that knowledge is key, and that long-term learning is essential. There is a narrative that provides cohesion to our curriculum. The integrity of subject-specific knowledge is maintained across all year groups.

It acknowledges that, for most of our children, English is not their first language. Quality literature is at its heart, since we know that reading helps unlock knowledge and, significantly, immerses children in a world of story. Our curriculum is constructed on the premise that children’s knowledge, opportunities and experiences, differ considerably from one another. It is infused with rich vocabulary throughout.

Since we value agency, we work with our children to shape a legacy that each theme leaves behind. We plan opportunities for the children to continue to build on the ‘Characteristics of Effective’ learning, through developing the 5Cs. Finally, in realising our curriculum, we rely on high quality teaching and subject advocates.