Broom Valley Community School

“We Dare To Dream Big”


Whole-class Reading 

From years two to six, all children receive whole-class reading sessions, up to four times a week, where they are immersed in a quality text and answer questions to deepen their understanding of the words they read. These sessions focus on analysing the author’s intent and choice of vocabulary. Pupils can form opinions and make predictions around what they have read and inferred. This lesson provides children with a chance to acquire new language as well as fostering a love for literature. 


The Reading into Writing Sequence 

At BVCS, pupils are guided through a writing process to ensure they can respond to a text, capture ideas and understand specific grammar concepts in the context of the genre. As the process is driven by a quality text, pupils explore the audience and purpose of the type of text they are studying to further understand the roles of the author and the reader. Teachers work alongside pupils to model and share what an effective example should include. Children are given opportunities to write incidentally as they progress through the sequence before independently constructing a final piece of writing. Individual and whole-class feedback is shared after every lesson and pupils are given the chance to edit and improve their own work and assess each-other’s writing.