Broom Valley Community School

“Together We Dare To Dream Big”


Our Ideal School Culture

We would welcome the chance to work in a school characterised by laughter; where relationships with staff, pupils and their families are authentic, supportive and respectful. We would like to go to school each day knowing that risk taking is encouraged; comforted in the knowledge that there is a team there to catch us if we should stumble. We would like to work in a school where success is valued and celebrated; one where we are empowered to challenge each other to succeed. We would like this school to be a place of work that embodies fun and where collegiality prevails.  We would like to work in a school that listens to concerns and then acts, whilst not losing sight of maintaining its high expectations. We would like to be part of a team that examines, questions and reflects. We would like to go to work each day knowing that diversity is encouraged and celebrated. We would like to work in a school where everyone genuinely wants to be there; a school that is filled with those who choose to be there because of the difference they could make to themselves and others.  

Talent Pool

As more people have come to discover the Broom Valley Way, we have received an increasing number of enquiries from people who would like to become part of Team BVCS. Whilst we are unable to accept application forms in advance, we have set up a talent pool where you can register your interest. By doing so, you are not guaranteed an interview, but you will be notified should a vacancy arise.

Please complete the form below. 

Talent Pool

(Please note - this is an active opt in facility.  Every 6 months you will receive an email to check if you wish to remain registered, and having registered you will receive an email with details of how to return and change your alert preferences or, if you wish, remove yourself altogether.)