Broom Valley Community School

“Together We Dare To Dream Big”


Head Teacher

Miss A Maltby

Deputy Head Teacher (EYFS & Y1-3)

Mr C Hawkins

Assistant Head Teacher and Inclusion Leader (SENDCO)

Mrs K Reaney

Assistant Head Teacher 

Mrs E Morris 

Class F1 Acorns - Teacher

Miss L Jackson 

Learning Support Assistant - Foundation 1

Miss S Phillips

Class F2 Beech - Teacher

Miss C Fullwood

Class F2 Elm - Teacher

Mrs D Howard

Learning Support Assistant - Foundation 2

Miss R Kitchen

Mrs R Hussain

Mrs C Oram 

Class Y1 Mulberry - Teachers

Mrs E Morris/ Miss S Heaton

Class Y1 Holly - Teacher

Miss H Turner

Class Y2 Cedar - Teacher

Mrs J Lillie

Class Y2 Cassia - Teacher

Miss S Berry

 Learning Support Assistants - Year1 & Year 2

Mrs D Stanley (HLTA)

Mrs V Shah

Miss E Sensicall 

Class Y3 Birch - Teacher

Mr C Harding

Class Y3 Acacia - Teacher

Miss D Davison

Class Y4 Willow - Teacher

Miss C Revill

Class Y4 Maple - Teacher

Mr C Atherton 

Learning Support Assistants - Year 3 & Year 4

Mrs R Bi (HLTA)

Mrs L Purshouse

Mrs F Sultana

Class Y5 Elder - Teacher

Mr H Bee

Class Y5 Redwood - Teacher

Mr P Wilson

Class Y6 Sycamore - Teachers

Mr C Hawkins / Mr M Smith

Class Y6 Oak - Teacher

Miss K Eyre

Learning Support Assistants - Year5 & Year 6

Mrs N Jones (HLTA)

Mrs R Gulfraz

Miss C Newbound 

Mrs L Billingsley 

Forest room 

Mrs N Windle


Mrs K Reaney

Mrs S Ashton (HLTA)

Mrs N Akhtar

Mrs S Bibi

Pupil Engagement Workers

Mr M Smith

Miss E Haywood


Mrs S Akhtar

Mrs S Arif

Mrs S Richardson

Mrs S Graves

Mrs M Land

 Office Staff


School Business Manager

Mrs H Johnson

Business Support Officer

Mrs L Moore

Attendance/Admin Officer

Mrs A Wilson



Site Manager

Mr L Bailey


Mrs S Graves