Broom Valley Community School

“Together We Dare To Dream Big”

Art at Broom Valley

At Broom Valley, our Art curriculum is designed to enable children to know more, remember more and do more. The content is sequenced to ensure children build on skills from previous year groups, while preparing them for what comes next. We place great importance on the work of artists, designers and architects and take inspiration from those studied in each year’s topic. Our curriculum provides all of our children, from EYFS to Year 6, with opportunities to practice and develop skills and techniques that build up to a final piece (drawing, painting, sculpture) which enables them to showcase the knowledge and skills that they have acquired. They will evaluate their art throughout the teaching sequence and develop constructive critique.

Progression Map

What words do our children use to describe our Art curriculum? 

  •  “Challenging – learning how to do lips, eyes and faces.” EV Year 5
  • “Skill(ful) – learn lots of techniques to draw.” AH Year 5
  • “Interesting, stimulating and very fun.” AZ Year 2
  • “Unique, abstract, edges not lines, variety, depth, technique.” ZK Year 6
  • “The idea or inspiration helps us to know what a good one is. Sometimes we improve it in the next lesson or the next day.” SH Year 4
  • “When I make art, it makes me feel happy.” CV Year 3
  • “I want to be an artist when I’m older or an art teacher. It makes me feel proud.” AA Year 3