Broom Valley Community School

“We Dare To Dream Big”

Vision and Values

At Broom Valley Community School we dare to dream big! 

We aim to create a learning-centred school that nurtures the talents of all its pupils, with all systems focused on meeting our core purpose: to remove limits and inspire confident learners who will go on to thrive in a world that is ever changing. In order to achieve this, we will continue to develop a memorable curriculum for long-term learning that challenges; ignites a joy for learning and enables children to become successful and independent learners for life. We will continue to provide a healthy and happy school where everyone feels safe to learn. We will strive to take our place at the heart of our local community whilst embracing a broader global view. As a school community, we will ensure that all learning and teaching is informed by evidence. We will embrace the challenge of change with enthusiasm and commitment. We will grow our understanding of how we can affect the future of the world in which we live. We will value kindness, respect, integrity and endeavour.