Broom Valley Community School

“Together We Dare To Dream Big”

School Dog...

Before the lockdown started, the Board of Governors agreed that the children at Broom Valley would benefit from the introduction of a School Dog. They are becoming increasingly popular in schools and advice was taken, from a number of settings, before a decision was made.  A School Dog can support children in many ways, particularly with trauma, anxiety and self-confidence. They make very good reading buddies too! 

Mr Smith and his family have committed to bringing up a dog who we hope, with training, will be a welcome addition to our school community. Wiggins, has to undergo puppy training and then specialised training before she can be used as a Working School dog. If she is temperamentally suitable, then she will be slowly introduced to school-life.  

Wiggins has started to visit school and has spent some time  in the office.  She has been taken for little walks around the grounds to get her used to some of the sights and sounds.  We have stringent risk assessments in place and follow national and international guidance at all times.  Her contact is restricted to certain members of staff and in a limited and controlled way.  

Wiggins, who is a young dog, will have to go through months of training but we are hopeful that if and when she is finally able to work in school, the children will enjoy spending time with her. We will keep you informed about her progress but if you have any questions then I am sure Mr Smith would be happy to answer them. 

In the meantime, here is Wiggins with one of her favourite toys. She is a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla and turned four years old on 21st February 2024. She likes to eat cheese and enjoys going for long walks with Mr Smith and his family!